Radio Citizen

A journey through no man’s land between club culture, free jazz, dub,
african field recordings and pop


Radio Citizen is a collective of Munich & Berlin based musicians led by producer /multi instrumentalist Niko Schabel and Jazz Vocalist Natalie Greffel with background in Mozambique and Denmark. The first two LPs (“Berlin Serengeti” and “Hope And Despair”) came out on the San Francisco imprint Ubiquity Recordings after Quantic heard Radio Citizen’s music and pinned a promo CD on Ubiquity’s A&R department. Five years after the excursion to San Francisco, Schabel returns in 2015 with his combo to his hometown. “The Night & The City” is a tailor-made album for Berlin’s Jazzanova label Sonar Kollektiv: A melange of genres which contains live instruments on an equal base with samples, and becomes one highly explosive mixture of Latin Percussion, Funk, Dub, moody folky Soul, Afrobeat, Ethno-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Hip-Hop und blaxploitation soundtracks. 2016 almost exactly a year ago Radio Citizen’s third longplayer, “The Night & The City” was released on Sonar Kollektiv. The first birthday of the highly acclaimed concept album by the collective lead by mastermind Niko Schabel is celebrated with three (on vinyl), or eight (digitally) gifts in the form of remixes and new interpretations. A new studio album will be released in autumn 2017.


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Niko Schabel (alto sax, bass clarinet, percussion, Synthesizer )
Natalie Greffel (vocals, bass)
Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor sax, Synthesizer )
Wolfi Schlick (flute, soprano sax, electric sax)
Marja Burchard (rhodes, trombone)
Bernd Oeszevim (drums)

Touring period ::

Summer 2017